Mar 23

Crappie Fishing Jigs

Crappie fishing jigs What To Choose

How many times when you have been out fishing have you wondered what crappie fishing jig to use? There are so many types, sizes, colors to select from it is easy to get confused. Well let me explain exactly what a crappie fishing jig is , What crappie jig type to use for different situations, and what color to use.

#1 Crappie Fishing jigs what is it? The crappie jig is made up of the two parts, the first part has a hook with a sinker molded too it. The second part is the body and it is made up of a Varity of different items, plastics for curly tails, some type of hair or bristle for marabou jigs, add a spoon or blade to a marabou jig and you have a rooster tail.

#2 Crappie Fishing jigs Purpose? The crappie jig is use where you want to create a vertical jerky motion to attract the attention of the fish. Do not get jigging confused with spinner baits, spinners create a horizontal motion through the whereas, jigs create a vertical motion up and down through the water.

#3 Crappie Fishing jigs How do you choose? Well I wish I could say that it is totally cut and dry what to use for different situations but a lot of selection is trial and error. It is good to keep a log , so you know what works under different situations. This will give you a starting point for your next fishing trip. Most often the color, depth water , and water clarity can change the color of the jig in the water. Also, the weather conditions can change your selection. For example if it is a sunny or light sky day you would want to select light color jigs. If it over cast and a dark sky you would want to use dark color jigs. These selections are not set in stone. You will probably end up changing colors many times throughout the day

#4 Crappie Fishing jigs types? There mainly three types of crappie fishing jigs. Curly tail jigs, Marabou jigs, and Rooster tail jigs. Curly tail jigs come in a multiple of designs but the all have some type of tail and are made of plastic. Marabou jigs are made of some type of bristle or hair and also come in multiple designs and colors. Rooster tail jigs are a marabou jig with a rotating blade or spoon added.

Well folks lets get to fishing P.S If you want to catch some giant slabs use the listed crappie fishing jigs.


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