Jan 26

Fishing across the UK

I have always enjoyed fishing, ever since me and my father would visit the beach and try to catch baby sticklebacks in all the small patches of water as the tide rolled out. As I grew up I had the luxury of going sea fishing with my neighbour, we would go out into the Wash, a large square estuary to the North West of East Anglia, and get setup on a sand bar for the day.
Fishing today brings back so many of these great memories of being out on the sand bar with my dad and my neighbour, it always warms my heart when I pull a 10lb carp out of some of my more recent fishing jaunts. Nothing quite gives the sense of satisfaction like towing my caravan to a fishing lake caravan park for a weekend and try to catch the biggest fish in the lake.

There are plenty of great fisheries to be found around the country such as Lakeside Fisheries and caravan park in Langworth, Lincolnshire, this modest quiet site has two main fishing lakes / ponds with lots of different variant of carp, barbel, rudd, tench and roach amongst others. Some fish at Lakeside in Langworth have been weighed in at over 20lbs.

Caravanning is another great love of mine, I have taken my family along to a number of caravan and motorhome parks across the UK, Lakeside is one such park but my family prefers the summer atmosphere at coastal towns such as Skegness as they have a better range of activities for families. Blackpool is always a favourite for families also as it has the nationally famous Pleasure Beach with all its family attractions. There are plenty of fishing lakes to be found around these areas which offer a bit of peace and quiet away from the centre.

Great caravan / motorhome parks and campsites across the UK can be found at this caravan site directory with mobile home sales and rentals. I personally use this site for finding a place to go for the weekend as they have over 3400 holiday parks with plenty of options for narrowing down your search.

I also found Arrow Bank Holiday Park in Leominster on icaravans.com, it doesnt have its own fishing parks but I did find Kingfisher Trout Lake a short drive away. They have some great trout there and it was a pleasure to fish by such a beautiful Lake.

If you are interested in fishing and enjoy getting out in the fresh air I can highly recommend you take your caravan, rent or borrow one if you dont have one of your own, and find a caravan site with a fishing lake and drop that line in the water.


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