Apr 13

Fishing in Cuyo Region

One of the reasons why Mendoza 5 stars hotels populate is fishing. Many guests of Mendoza 5 stars hotels visit the region “lured” by the incredible fish you can catch in these waters. Let us explain how human development has made of Cuyo a primary fishing destination.

Cuyo is a region famous for the excellent quality of its vineyards and for the important and abundant hydroelectric dams, so that recreational fishing has had to adapt to its condition of “secondary” activity. Men, through major engineering works, ware capable of creating major river channels and tubing, and managed to distribute water in an arid region, thus obtaining electric power. Perhaps because of this Mendoza General Department of Irrigation is so important and this is something ignored and unknown to the rest of the inhabitants of the country.

Many streams that once ran freely today are “impounded” by dams and artificial lakes. But despite this grim but realistic scenario, the Cuyo region has attractive opportunities for the fishermen, including high-valued species such as mackerel and trout. Silversmelt is the main character. In dams, lakes and reservoirs in the region, whether natural or artificial, these fish reach sizes more than interesting and become the target of thousands of fans every weekend from fall to spring.

With respect to fishing salmon, most of the rivers and streams throughout the foothills, both San Juan and Mendoza, are ideal for trout fly fishing or spinning, as species are found in their favorable currents of clear cold water, where they are well oxygenated.

Malarge, located in southern Mendoza Province and close to Las Leas ski resort turns out to be the ideal place to catch rainbow and brown trout major freight for its proximity to rivers and streams in the area. Among them are Rio Grande, Malarge and Salado. San Rafael (north of the province) is another of the locations where you can get to the Atuel River, which waters descend from the mountains and become trapped in the reservoir first and then in the Nihuil in the Valle Grande dam.

Another river to take into account for its proximity is the diamond, which gives rise to the reservoir The Reyunos and treasures in waters together the river Atuel the largest rainbow trout throughout the region Cuyo.

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